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Branded Lemon Sprayer | Juice Sprayer

Flavor your Drinks, Season your Salads, or keep food Fresh with a light mist of Citrus!

The screw-in design allows you to easily insert the sprayer and remove the juice through the filter design.

  • CLEVER - Turn your citrus fruit into the freshest juice container! Spray directly from fruit to dress your recipes or aromatize your soft drinks and cocktails in the freshest way! Includes one large and one small citrus spayer, dish and instruction leaflet
  • EFFICIENT - Avoid messy slicing of fruit. Thanks to its screw-like design, it can be easily inserted and secured inside the citrus. Then the juice fills the filter through the holes where the sprayer collects the juice.
  • SAVE - You can save juices by putting the fruit and spritzer top directly into the fridge for later use. The cork seals the fruit for a long time and therefore can be used again and again. You would get the taste of actual fruit every time.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Comes apart completely for easy and thorough cleaning.Wash with soapy water after use! Dishwasher safe. Made of ABS plastic and silicone 100% platinum stands up to 70°C (158°F) and 220°C (425°F) respectively